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Our purpose is to find the beautifully unique and visually pleasant side of everything in the world and celebrate it!

Founded by a soul that got rescued from spiralling depression by the magic and the ever-encouraging elixir of photography, 7th lens is the evolution of 8+ years of hands on experience and practical lessons that introduced the street sense of photography along with the unquenchable thirst for more and more clicking

With a self-taught photographer who believes on growing together at the core, our team consists of people who value the passion for the art more than anything else and we managed to do miracles more than once, by thinking on our feet during shoots.

It is one thing to click pictures and a whole another deal to engrave moments, document beauty and record history. We value the efforts involved in getting the perfect frame but don’t take it too seriously so it never ceases to be fun for everyone involved.

Having seen how magnanimous this passion has been to us, you can be rest assured that we will never stop looking for that unique angle and that perfect shot that we can celebrate.


Where magic is happeningOur Team

There is beauty and wonder everywhere and in everyone around us

we strive to nurture and uncover the intrinsic beauty that is present in everything and everyone around us. That is why we always end up getting THE BEST shot in every genre we work with. No matter what your need is, be it a portrait, pictures with your loved one or documenting your special day, we go above and beyond to uncover those good looks from inside you rather than making it look good just for the camera

We give you not just a just a picture but a wonderful memory that makes you smile

We pride ourselves in getting the unique angle that somehow hasn’t been seen anywhere else but aesthetically pleases your eyes and hearts at the same time.

Let us discover the uniqueness of the world around and unearth the beauty inside ….together!

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